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Ring in the New Year With Craft Beer Brewsolutions


With a new year, there’s a new you. And maybe that new you wants to be bolder and aim for adventures and tastes off the beaten path. Why not ring in the new year with some new craft beer resolutions as well, towards this new you that wants to uncover different beers? Here are a few key resolutions we’re making on our own:

1. Ring in the New Year differently. We suggest taking your favorite local brewery’s beer to your New Year’s Eve and Day parties, preferably in a growler or keg. You’ll get some quality beer that’s fresher than the champagne. And, you’ll break out of the same old New Year’s cliche by toasting with bold beers.

2. Shop craft beer, all year. What’s a better resolution than the drink only the finest beers? One resolution we like to make is to just go for a new craft beer on tap every time we go out, or pick something new at the store. If you’re visiting a bar or brewery, ask for a flight: that can give you a sampling of some great new finds, without having to drink an entire pint.

3. Travel local beer breweries widely. We recommend visiting as many local breweries in the Triangle, so you can find what our part of North Carolina ha to offer. Taking a tour of a brewery can be enlightening as well–you’ll get to see how different brewmasters and facilities do things different, and get to taste all the hard work that goes into it.

So start the new year right, and grab some craft beers. Contact us for some more great beer ideas.