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Cure the Winter Blues With The Outlaws


With the winter months upon us, it can start to feel a little down around chilly Raleigh. Seasonal Affective Disorder might hit some of us who really miss the lushness and bright skies of spring and summer. So what’s the best cure to the dreaded SAD? We think a good beer can solve some SAD feelings when you pair your beer with some great food and good company.

The first step to solving SAD: get out of the house! Moping around makes it easier to feel down during the winter season. Instead, come down to the Outlaw’s Hideout and enjoy some good brews with good company. All the Outlaws coming through are friendly, and you can find some good conversation or atmosphere. And with our specialty keg nights throughout February, you’ll find something great and unique to drink, and the right people to drink with.

Or, you can get winter festivities rolling with a winter warming up party at your home. Bring in a growler or keg of some of your favorite Lonerider beers (may we suggest Deadeye Jack?), and have a party with the grill cooking up some of your favorite meats while keeping you warm. The company will also keep you warm as well.

If your style’s more low-key, we also recommend bringing your friends together for a movie night with some nice beer, or hosting a craft night for those Outlaws with an artistic side. There’s nothing better than getting together with some friends who will huddle around you for good times and good craft beer.

Overall, we know that the best cure for the winter blues is making the effort to spend time with others, and pairing it with a nice, delicious local beer. To get your local craft beer fix and cure SAD away, contact us.