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Rogue Investors

Listen up, folks. In a world where everyone’s trying to fit the mold, the Rogue Investors swagger into Lonerider with a wit sharper than a Dead Man’s gun and a charm that’s hard to resist. Pour yourself a cold one, and saddle up beside these mavericks – they’ve got stories that’ll make you laugh, grit that’s born from the Wild West, and a thirst for adventure that’s downright infectious. Welcome to the crew.

You folks have rolled the dice with us, and for that, we’re tipping our hats and raising our glasses. To the bold-hearted Rogue Investors who’ve hitched their wagons to Lonerider Beer & Spirits: thank you for believing in this journey. And as a token of our gratitude, we’re introducing the Rogue Investors Black Card Program. It’s not just a card; it’s a passport to the best of the wild, whimsical, and wonderful world we’re crafting here. Pull up a barstool, flash that card, and let the exclusive adventures begin

The program will begin at the Brewery and at our Wake Forest location (other locations as we progress).

The program is set to take effect on October 15th. We are also planning a members only event in November, details pending …

Exclusive Access

  • First Tastes: New beer and spirits releases will be advertised first to the Rogue Investors. There will be an exclusive period where the beer/whiskey won’t be available to all the customers.
  • Special Events: Exclusive events for Rogue Investors. They will be advertised on this page and via email.
  • Tour Access: When you come by with family or friends, we will be able to schedule a tour if you request at your convenience.

Special Offers

  • Member Pricing: Daily 15% discount on everything you purchase. Period.
  • Bulk Purchase: Special pricing for purchasing beers in larger quantities, such as growlers or cases.
  • Member Only Beer: Every month there will be a different Rogue Investor beer available exclusively for you. This beer will be 4$ all day, every day.

Custom Occasions

  • Custom Label Beer: Whether you have a wedding, graduation, birthday  or that extra special occasion which can only be celebrated with a custom label beer we will be able to work with you to create that experience.
  • Brewery Reservations: If you are looking to reserve the brewery for a private tour or an event we will be able to do that at no charge for you. Our team will make sure the brewery is set for you to hang out with your family and friends.

Thanks for being an Outlaw. We will continue to add benefits to this program. This is just the beginning. If you have any questions, please reach out to “[email protected]” and we will get right back to you.