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Want to Give the Perfect Gift this year? Start with a Good Beer.



The holiday shopping season has descended once again. The crowds will be crowding. The clerks will be clerking. Pretty much everyone you meet will be in one form of frazzled or another. For what? Well, for the perfect gift of course. Will they find it? Well… that’s the questions isn’t it? After all, how many gizmos and sweaters of questionable cheer does anyone need stuffed into the dark recesses of their cabinets and closets? Will one more plaid shirt be just what your brother-in-law was hoping for in this year’s gift exchange? How perfect will that “perfect gift” really be?

Here at Lonerider, we have a better idea. Embrace your inner outlaw and step out of the humdrum holiday hoopla and into our 3 step plan for a season filled with flair.

Step 1: Good Beer. You know what we mean. It’s sure not “okay beer” or “not bad beer” or “here, have a beer”. It’s beer that let’s your taste buds have something to celebrate. You want something award winning. Something like Lonerider’s Sweet Josie Brown Ale or Peacemaker Pale Ale. If you’re in the mood for something a little more seasonal, why not try Deadeye Jack or one of his bottled outriders. Need a good way to catch up with your favorite cousin? Why not share a 22 oz. Beer with No Name while the snow flies. you can even pick up a keg of your favorite Lonerider Ale for Outlaws if you are hosting the big event this year.

Step 2: Good Stuff. Not sure you want to give up that beautifully gift wrapped collection of small brewed wonderment you picked up for Uncle Joe? We have you covered. Or rather, we have those on the receiving end of your list covered. Any of the Lonerider merchandise in our store is sure to please even the most persnickety outlaw in your posse.

Step 3: Do you shopping in good cheer. Join us December 13th for the Lonerider Chili Cookoff. Taste all the chili you want for $5.oo. Buy a beer to wash it down. You’ll even be doing a good deed because 5% of our bar sales during the event will be donated to ALS. Then, take care of your gift giving needs before you head home. Shopping doesn’t get better than that.

Oh, and don’t forget to contact us about a refreshing brewery tour while the relatives are in town. Everyone gets entertained and culturally enhanced while enjoying a cold beer. You get the coveted position of Favorite Host. You may never have to worry about landing on the Naughty List again.