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Great Ales for Outlaws

Of course you probably know outlaws aren’t born that way, a fermenting takes place first. Like ale, some outlaws are good, some aren’t.

What puzzles people about good outlaws is the word outlaw itself. Many wonder whether it’s possible to be outside the law and still be good. Some say yes you can, when the law is bad. Nothing is perfect, not even the law. Given the law is inherently complicated, this regrettable fact only adds more confusion to an already complex subject. In a nutshell there’s too much to figure out, so folks put the job off until another day, and in the meantime call all outlaws bad. It’s safer, for awhile anyway.

So let’s talk about ales instead. There’s a whole class of people fixed on making ale and they’ve done all the hard work it takes to brew good ones. They analyze all the factors that affect the quality of ales. They test. We could delve further into specific details about how it all happens; the ingredients you need, the time and temperature things need to sit, all the information you need to know to be able to brew a good ale. Maybe another time. Fow now let’s agree that most folks are more interested in where to buy good ale, not so much how to brew one.

Lonerider makes a variety of ales for outlaws, all of them good. That is the ales are anyway. As far as the outlaws go, it’s safe to say none of them are perfect, but that’s fine with us.