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This Time, Outlaws are Turning to Lagers


Just when you’re getting comfortable in the saddle, sipping on that can of intense craft IPA, proud of your bad-to-the-bone, IBU-embracing, take-no-prisoners ale credo, you spot it.

Over there, on the horizon. Hold your horses, outlaws.  That’s no ale out there. That looks a lot like a lager.

Sure, we’ve seen this kind before.  Or have we?  Nearly water, some of the outlaws always scoffed. Some kind of namby-pamby bellywash, they used to mutter, though on a hot day those words didn’t seem to matter.

You approach calmly. Not much danger here. So, what’s this here lager called, anyway?

Lonerider Saloon Style Pilsner. Gotta give this a try.

And there it is, the lager for outlaws. You’re not much for talking about flavor, mouthfeel, finish. But this pilsner flashes through your mind as it rolls across your tongue. It’s right delicate, it is, but in no way watery.  It’s a beer built to quench thirst, with select hops that were chosen for gentle crispness. It’s as pure as that loaf of home-baked white bread Miss Kitty used to slice warm, that summer when she holed up with the outlaw bunch and showed she had that heart of gold after all. This cold, pristine pilsner proves that lager lovers have got a lick of sense after all. Turns out that great ingredients and a thirst for flavor make the difference. (Oh, there are details a plenty. Get in touch for all the particulars about this beer.)

Saloon style. Something about this pilsner transforms the dusky gloom of even the oldest watering hole. So this is what lager drinkers are out there prospecting for, toiling through all the flavorless brews, out yonder in the heat. You could tell them about it. Or you could relax, put your boots on the rail, and set a spell with your outlaw brothers and sisters.

“Another one of those Saloon Style Pilsners, barkeep.” Nothing else to say.