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Craft Beer for Beagles and the Outlaws Who Love Them


Someplace in the Triangle, a sweet-faced beagle is staring out from behind bars. Howling in the hoosegow. Penned up in the pokey. Outlaws will be happy to hear that Triangle Beagle Rescue is probably already on the way to bust them out and start a new life of loving rescue for the floppy-eared fellas. Raise your glass of fresh craft beer for the promise of a clean getaway from the shelter and many happy walks and chew-toys to come.

We at Lonerider have dedicated another day to our beagle buddies this year, coming up on September 18th, and we’re getting ready by brewin’ up a selection of beagle-inspired brews. That’s right, it’s Beer for Beagles III.  Beagles have that trusting, loyal look that makes you want to concoct a special craft brew formula just for them. It’s been said that the beer world has plum run out of hop-puns for brew-naming purposes but we still have plenty of dog-loving names in mind. We’re inspired by the honest face of these sweet dogs, and the enduring loyalty of man’s best friend. Right now some honest, friendly craft beers are busy fermenting, conditioning and making themselves presentable so we can pour them for you and help fund the operation that liberates these little fellas.

Mark your calendar for this favorite dog-lover event! We’ll see you at the brewery. It’s a good way to meet the fine people of Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina and find out what they do. A portion of beer sales will go to support their work.

And don’t you worry. If you have the intense loyalty gene yourself, you won’t have to be satisfied with a special brew. Your favorite Lonerider beers will still be there for you, too. Come on down.