North Carolina is known for its long-running traditions — and its long-running rivalries. Every season, basketball fans watch UNC and Duke’s legendary Tobacco Road rivalry play out in the ACC tournament and beyond. But the ongoing feud between two delicious styles of pork barbecue is just as important to the state’s history and culture, and Lonerider is proud to brew high-quality North Carolina craft beer that tastes great with our state’s barbecue.

If you’re not from the Land of the Long Leaf Pine, here’s a quick primer on North Carolina barbecue. Lexington-style sauce is tomato-based and is often both spicy and sweet. It’s the favored style in many parts of the Piedmont area and the Western NC mountains, and usually uses only the pork shoulder. Meanwhile, “Down East”-style sauce skips the tomatoes and puts the vinegar and pepper front and center for a tangy, spicy treat, and makes use of nearly the entire pig for maximum flavor.

North Carolinians take their barbecue seriously, and the Outlaws at Lonerider take their North Carolina craft beer seriously as well. Whichever style you prefer, Lonerider has a beer that will wash it down perfectly.

Our Sweet Josie Brown Ale has rich, dark flavors that provide a smooth complement to the spices and vinegar of Down East barbecue, and our refreshing Shotgun Betty is a light and lively companion to the sweetness of Lexington-style. We’ve even hosted a BBQ Cook-Off at our Outlaw’s Hideout in Raleigh to explore the family recipes that continue to make North Carolina barbecue renowned throughout the South.

So next time you’re feeling a hankering for the classic and diverse tastes of North Carolina barbecue, invite the Outlaws for dinner. And please, contact us to let us know if you’d like to see Lonerider in your favorite local BBQ joint, or to find out more about our exciting culinary events.