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Here To Cure What Ales You


Sweet Josie Brown Ale is crafted in the finest tradition of American brown ales. She is made with the finest ingredients, full of character and charm. Just right for a beer lover, especially an Outlaw. She won’t brag about the multiple awards. She doesn’t need to. She knows with one sip you she’ll have you wrapped around her finger.

She is the perfect combination of chocolate and aromatic malts with just enough hop bitterness to make you notice her, and she knows it. This beer has enamored her fans by hitting the perfect middle ground between a pale ale and a stout.

Josie might be full of complexity but there is no changing the simple fact that Sweet Josie Brown Ale is a damn good beer.

Winner of multiple awards, this brown ale is ready to cure what ales you; the summer heat, the honey-do list, the in-laws or even the outlaws. Turn to a beer made to please and you won’t regret it.

Sweet Josie is a girl with a past but she is a favorite around these parts for good reason. Don’t take our word for it, get out there and try it for yourself.

Lonerider has been brewing great beer like Sweet Josie Brown Ale in Raleigh North Carolina since 2009 and our award-winning beers are distributed in six states. To find out more about Josie’s story and ours or for a full list of our beers, get down to The Hideout and check us out or feel free to contact us.