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Summer at the Hideout: Your Annual Brewery Tradition


So much of modern life is rife with noise and conformity. Now and then does a body good to break out from all that namby-pamby nonsense and declare an outlaw holiday. You might be ready to declare one of your own.

It’s about as simple as falling off a knock-kneed Palomino. But don’t do that. Ride on down to the Hideout in Raleigh, North Carolina. Alone, if that’s your way. Or bring your whole gang. Sip a cold Lonerider beer and reflect on that spectacular feature we know as North Carolina summers. Nothing like it, we all agree.

If you pull together a larger group of Outlaws for this outing, reach out for a private brewery tour at Lonerider. You don’t see an operation like that every day! Every Outlaw needs a hideout. At The Hideout, some want to go deeper and learn more about how we get it done, but everybody wants to relax with that next Ales for Outlaws after walking through the shiny tanks and pipes.

Now for the holiday-making. Mark your Outlaw holiday on next year’s calendar, one year out. Call it Hideout Day, or My Outlaw Ale Holiday. Easy as stealing candy from a preacher on a paleo diet. Now you’ve got yourself a tradition that’s no bull — and that’s nothing to snort at.

Got questions or just like looking at stuff on your internet machine?  Contact us now. If you want to bring a group, we can hold a picnic table or two for your party near the food trucks. Or just straggle on in and find a place to lean. Either way, don’t forget to get down here and visit us soon. Traditions don’t start themselves.