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Lonerider in the United Kingdom: Putting Some English on that Outlaw


Imagine yourself in London, looking for a nice draft American brew. Yes, that’s a thing, since the American IPA revolution has captivated the globe. Turns out that any self-respecting outlaw can belly up to the bar in multiple fine locations around the old UK and enjoy a proper pint of Saloon Style Pilsner, Gunslinger pale ale and Hoppy Ki Yay IPA.

Some folks known as the American Craft Beer Company have taken on the mission of getting these beers — fresh and brash — into the hands of Brits and tourists alike. We’re right pleased with the responses we’ve heard.

Lonerider is growing a reputation across the pond. Turns out we rode off with some medals from The Beer Awards and Craft Beer Rising, two major competitions in London. Stole the judges’ hearts, we did. So we were obliged to return the favor by running some kegs and cans by their craft beer pubs. United Kingdom craft beer is becoming more and more popular in England.

So the next time you are roaming alone down the streets beneath Big Ben, imagining yourself under big sky by a sandstone pinnacle, you can now find your way to the dream of the western frontier again. Just set out to hunt down a tall pour of one of our Lonerider classics in a place filled with new outlaws. And reach out to us with any questions or suggestions. We want to put outlaws everywhere in touch with our beers.