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Shotgun Betty brings home award at US Open Beer Championship




We have a warm fuzzy spot for Shotgun Betty in our heart. She was the first beer we made on the home brew system and then released in the wild (wild west of NC). She represents a perfect example of a Southern German style hefeweizen.

In 2009, she almost appeared on Food Network when The Pit (awesome BBQ and if you haven’t tried it, you should) was featured on Food Network and we had an entire table of aficionados drinking a pint while on TV. She didn’t get a chance that day to make her public appearance, but for the past six years she has continued to represent Lonerider and the NC Craft Beer scene by taking on medals.

From the first time she won an award at Carolina Championship of Beer, Betty has continued to be near and dear to us. She continued to ride even when folks wondered why should there be a Hefeweizen brewed in winter. And why should Outlaws care about weather anyway ? Drink what you want and when you want. #AlesForOutlaws

Winning the medal at US Open Beer is another notch on her gun. You can read more about her by visiting The Shotgun Betty beer page.

And, if you are into Origins story. Well, check out The Shotgun Betty origin story by reading this blog post here.

#Cowboy Tips Hat To A Mighty Fine Lady !

#ncbeer Rocks !

Cheers !