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Celebrate July 4th in North Carolina with Craft Beer


Our country is a sweet land of liberty, especially when it comes to the wide diversity in some great North Carolina craft beers. For this 4th of July, North Carolinians should take advantage of some great local beers right in your hometown, with Lonerider offerings that can reimagine the tastes and experiences of the American Revolution, and American history and lives through the centuries.

If you want to start drinking by the dawn’s early light,  our session IPA ale, The Hops You Rode In On, is a great summertime favorite. It can quench anyone’s thirst during the hot Southern heat, and with the low  ABV content (4.4%), you can drink this beer throughout the day easily, as you ramp up for the July 4th celebrations.

For an all-day celebration in your backyard, with the grill continuously fueling folks with hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, and more, the Peacemaker Pale Ale is a great West Coast style American Pale Ale that you can enjoy right here in the Southeast. The Peacemaker is great for an IPA/hops lover that wants something less bitter to last through the day. The special blend of American and European hops in this beer is reminiscent of the battlegrounds of the Revolution, a testament to our country’s history.

As the sun sets and the countdown for the grand fireworks arrive, we recommend bringing out the Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen. Ok, sure, it doesn’t sound American, but the light crispness and banana clove aroma to this beer make it distinctively American, besides it being brewed here at home. What was our independence fought for anyway, if not to give us the freedoms to brew our own take on various beer styles? The Shotgun Betty therefore is a perfect model of independence, especially on this holiday.

American craft beers are a great way to enjoy the holiday, especially this marker for our country. For more beer tastes and styles, contact us! but maybe after we enjoy July 4th ourselves. Happy 4th of July!