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3 Facts Every Craft Beer Lover Should Know

By now, we all probably agree that craft beer is one of the greatest gifts known to mankind. But do we know all the interesting facts about the beverage? This post will discuss three little known craft beer facts for you to enjoy.

It Won’t Spoil Just Becomes It’s Warm

Don’t be too quick to dump out the high-quality brew just because it was sitting out for a couple hours. Often, people make the mistake of believing that the strange flavor associated with a beer that has been left out is due to it spoiling. But because it was not stored in the correct temperature, it has simply lost its flavor. Usually, this can be fixed by refrigerating it in proper temperature for a few hours.

Women Dig It

Because craft beer is generally seen as a strong drink, it is mistakenly believed to only be enjoyed by men. But as it turns out, there are plenty of women around the world who thoroughly enjoy a wide variety of craft beers. So much so, that brands have quickly discovered this and are working on creating even more types of craft beer flavors for men and women to enjoy.

Darker Beer Means Stronger Beer is a Myth

It is common for many people to believe that a dark craft beer is stronger in taste. In actuality, the color of beer is related to the ingredients in it such as hops and malt. Just because it’s darker doesn’t mean there is always going to be more alcohol in it.

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