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Why IPAs are a Popular Beer


IPAs (India Pale Ale) are all the rage in the beer world, especially among craft brewers. Whether you’re down at the local bar, or shopping in the aisles of your local liquor store, you might have noticed the large and growing selection of IPAs for your enjoyment. They can range in paleness, alcohol by volume (ABV), and creativity with the hops to malts ratios. You can enjoy a session, low-ABV IPA all day, or take on a high-ABV imperial.

Why are they so popular? Over at Business Insider, the growth of IPAs is attributed to the changing tastes of Americans who are enjoying a more bitter brew, as well as enjoying the challenge (or machismo) that comes with trying IPAs with varying bitterness. In addition, getting past the bitterness means acquiring the ability to sense and taste other components to the beer, hidden within the hops and malts characteristic of an IPA. Overall, the buzz around them seems to multiply its popularity, and current trends shows that it’s not slowing down.

If you’re a fan of these hops-forward brews, we have some just for you. In season is our special The Hops You Rode In On Session IPA made with Amarillo and Columbus hops. Then, there’s our Hippy Ki Yay IPA that packs a punch, Bruce Willis style (you’ll understand when you see the label). And if you want the ultimate taste in American IPAs, look for our Magnificent 77: an IPA brewed with 77 different varieties of hops, coming from 7 different countries, and clocking in at a 7.7% ABV. That’s a whole lot of hops–if you can handle it.

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