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On the Horizon for North Carolina Craft Beer


Tasty things are on the horizon here in NC. What can we look forward to next?

For one, there seems to be no shortage of up-and-coming breweries all across the state. Which is exciting, as any craft beer drinker will tell you. Getting tired of your weekly beer of choice? Well, just type in “breweries near me” the next time you’re on the Internet (which is probably right now). You will be pleasantly surprised at how close you or a friend lives to a brewery you have never heard of. Check one out this weekend. Most brewery’s websites have a calendar showing food trucks that will be on-site on any given day.

Secondly, home-brew supply stores are also popping up around North Carolina. These stores are making the fun of home brewing easier, by providing the tools and knowledge to try your hand at the craft. Maybe you’re curious about the beer making process, but not ready to jump in there yet ? Some supply stores have short classes (some free !) to explain the process and what equipment is needed. Better yet, a few stores have a tasting room or a full-blown bar connected to them. Sipping on a local craft beer while walking the aisles of a brew supply store sounds like “Date Night” to me.

Thirdly, more N.C. beer brewers are bottling their beer every year. So even if you’re not up for a visit to a brewery, you can still find a ton of locally made craft beer at your local grocery store. Most stores now have a section dedicated just for N.C. brewed beer. Making your own 6-pack of different beers is also an option at some stores. A few grocery chains are now offering beer on tap in the store. Again, sipping a freshly made craft beer while shopping for your weekly staples, this is genius.

Good things are on the horizon for the Craft Beer world in our state. If you’re looking to try some new beers, contact us.