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More Good News on Craft Beer and Health


Outlaws want to ride tall in the saddle with the grit and fitness to rustle up the local equivalent of cattle, so there’s no question we think about our health. When you investigate craft beer and health, the news is promising.

Turns out, if you round up purty near two thousand people who enjoy adult beverages, and ask the ones who prefer a craft beer if they are health conscious, they say “yes” a little more often than the others. The people at Men’s Journal did the asking and they concluded that craft-beer drinkers may be the healthiest. More of them scored points for exercising twice a week as well as exercising some moderation as they sipped those beautiful craft brews. They were less likely to fill in with high-calorie sugary sodas when not having an adult beverage.

The survey also confirmed that the people who drink craft know more about what they’re enjoying and are mindful about alcohol percentages and calories.

Makes sense when you think about it. Nobody serves a session Chardonnay at a wine shop, but beer drinkers can order a little pale ale that brings the flavor we used to find only in IPAs.

When you look at research studies on health benefits for moderate craft beer drinkers, you find a long list of advantages. Yes, you can dampen the risk of dreadful afflictions like Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension further down the trail if you drink good beer in moderation and stay active.

So raise a glass to solid data showing that good beer and a healthy life can go hand in hand. Then shift hands to raise it on the other side. Got to keep the muscles in balance.

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