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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Buy Great Craft Beer from North Carolina


As we ring in the new year of 2017, various New Year’s resolutions are certainly circling the psyches of most of our well-intended mindsets for self improvement. The problem is most of us like to beat ourselves up with things like unrealistic weight loss plans, crazy work out fads and routines, and renewed dedications to cut out whatever vice it may be that keeps us sane in today’s unsettled world by providing a small amount of pleasure—it could be indulgent cigars, fine wine, or even great beer.

When forming your New Year’s resolution this year, Lonerider Brewery encourages you to refocus your shift for a better you by staying away from restrictions and take-aways from your life and instead, concentrating on refining some of the things that  you enjoy to better choices. If purchasing great beer in sensible quantities is one of those vices, then look no further than the great state of North Carolina for great craft beer selections in 2017.

Lonerider offers several great selections to ring in the New Year, such as The Beer with No Name, Sweet Josie Brown Ale, Hoppy Ki Yay IPA, a large selection of seasonal brews, and many more options that fit the bill of great beer—dark, light, or whatever your taste may be. Any one of these great craft brews is capable of refining your beer-drinking palette  as a resolution to experience the very best that North Carolina breweries have to offer. This statement is backed by the numerous awards many of these brews have received including the Carolina Championship of Beers, the U.S. Open Beer Championship, and the Great American Beer Festival among others.

Lonerider not only offers several great craft brews for sale in six different states, but we also offer brewery tours and specialty keg nights. Please contact us for more information on coming in for a visit, or on where to purchase our exceptional products. Until then, Happy New Year everyone!