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Lonerider Beer: Outlawed Seasonal Beer and Food Pairings


Lonerider Beer’s Outlawed seasonal beers are coming back, so we’ve come up with some delicious pairings to make their yearly return just that much more special! Here are 4 of our best seasonal brews with their perfect matches:

Deadeye Jack and Spicy Homemade Chili

This seasonal porter is a perfect match for a big bowl of homemade chili. The hints of chocolate and mild sweetness of Deadeye Jack compliment spicy, savory foods, while providing a subtle, smoky “mole” flavor. The malty, low hops bitterness cools off the bite of a masterfully cooked spice, leaving your mouth in bliss.

Sweet Josie and Dark Chocolate

Our classic Sweet Josie Brown is full and robust, just like dark chocolate. The toasted cocoa and dark malt flavors in this beer become enhanced by a few squares of specialty dark chocolate, warming a cold, autumn night to the core in just a few sips.

Beer with No Name and Roasted Chicken

The dark and fruity flavor of our holiday ale, The Beer With No Name, a Belgian style dubbel with an American flair, makes any roasted meat a treat, but chicken is the king of kings in this scenario. With a kick of spices and the tart belly of this brew, an herb-crusted, baked chicken makes for a heavenly match.

 Pistols At Dawn and Apple Pie

Fresh, hot apple pie with cinnamon and creamy vanilla ice cream, paired with a cold Pistols At Dawn puts the finishing touch on a crisp, fall day. The roasted chocolate flavors cruises right into a full-bodied and complex blend. Put that with some good, old-fashioned apple pie, and you’re doing the holidays right.