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Lonerider Heads to the UK


What an exciting few weeks it has been! When you are a brewery based in an East Coast state, it is not easy to broaden your distribution to the east. We, however, are Outlaws. We do what we want. And we wanted to head east. So beginning this week, craft beer lovers in the United Kingdom will be able find Lonerider beer in their favorite pub.

Through a partnership with The American Craft Beer Company, we are distributing three of our brands to our friends in the UK. Hoppy Ki Yay, Saloon Style Pilsner and Gunslinger will all be available on draft and in cans beginning this week, before expanding to the rest of the UK.

Just the idea of folks in the London sipping on a Shotgun Betty in a pub in London is an amazing thought, but I would be lying if I did not say that the thing I am MOST looking forward to is getting to sip on one there myself! Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to do just that in the very near future.

As a marketing person, this step presents some exciting opportunities and challenges and I can’t wait to tackle them! For more information on this exciting new chapter in the Lonerider story, you can check out the press release we released this week. Also check out www.loneriderbeer.co.uk to see what we have going on over there.

I look forward to seeing all of you Outlaws in London soon. Save me a seat at the bar and keep my beer cold for me. Well, probably slightly less cold than we are used to here, but cold none the less.