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Seasonal Beer Releases to Get You Warmed Up for Winter


After a warmer than average summer, meteorologists have predicted a severe oncoming winter. To prepare for the cold, Lonerider is stacking up on our fall and winter seasonal brews. These three brews will surely keep you warm!

Pistols at Dawn is our favorite stout. Rich and velvety, this brunch stout was brewed with roasted malts, oats, and locally produced chocolate and coffee. Pairs well with hot chocolate, and perfect to cozy up with. 9% ABV

Deadeye Jack represents our seasonal porter. This dark brew boasts flavors of a strong malty background with roasted chocolate. Sit by the fire, prop your feet up, and enjoy a few cans of Deadeye the right way. 6% ABV

The Beer with No Name is our holiday ale. This Belgian style Dubbel is brewed with a rare Belgian yeast strain, caramelized beet sugar, and festive holiday spices. With hints of dark fruit, sweet cinnamon-apple, and a warming finish, The Beer with No Name is here to keep you warm all winter. 8% ABV

Pick up a pack of these three seasonal Outlaws before they ride out of town!