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Impress Everyone at the Graduation Party with Good Beer


May and June is the season for college and university graduations, which translates to fun summer parties or barbeques. Why not celebrate with a good, craft beer?

Serving local beer at your graduation party is a great way to celebrate a huge accomplishment. Like serving a selection of red or white wine, having different types of craft beer showcases the diversity in flavors that make up the uniqueness of craft breweries. For example, the Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen with its banana-clove nose has a different personality and flavor profile from her counterpart, the Sweet Josie Brown Ale. Each one can better serve someone’s distinct tastes at the party.

But unlike serving expensive wine or champagne, good craft beer doesn’t have a stuffy attitude affixed to it. It’s more relaxed and entertaining, and doesn’t need the stuffy dress code of sports jackets and ties. It just says, “here’s a great beer I enjoy, and I want y’all to enjoy it to.” It’s quality-crafted, with a personality you also can’t find from a mass-produced beer. It really does make a difference in setting the moods and attitudes of a party.

In addition, ordering a keg is has a utilitarian component. For a big party, having a keg (or two, or three) is a great way to showcase a local brewery’s beer, without having to deal with a pile of cans at the end of the day. Who doesn’t want an easy clean up?

You can typically buy craft beer from local breweries directly. Lonerider for example offers both kegs and cases that can be picked up from the Hideout, after filling out this order form and confirming your pick-up date and time. Not only do they offer kegs on their year-round brews, but you can also get some seasonal tastes, such as The Hops You Rode In On.

To learn more about our offerings, and get that order in for your upcoming graduation party, contact us.