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Holiday Beer Gifts for the Beer Lovers You Love


‘Tis the season for all good ale outlaws to think about those fine people who enrich our lives, ride in our outlaw raids and various goings on, set up late worrying about us around a pot belly stove back at the homestead — and always welcome us with light in their eyes.  You buy them a beer often enough, but this time of the year, you want to do something real special. If they homebrew, there’s always some next piece of equipment they need to take it higher, but you may have to break down and ask what they need next.

Or keep it simple — give a real surprise that’s just for fun.  Just be sure to start your planning real soon now.  Successful outlaws plot out their capers in advance.

Go homespun, with beer-inspired Etsy crafts like these

Check out the beer devices on these antique brewing patent posters!  So charming and yet so geeky. If your pal is a pro brewer with a boring wall, this gift could make life worth toasting. Searching for “beer poster” or “beer necklace” on the Etsy craft site is always fun.  What, necklace, you say? Check out what this artist has done in rendering the natural humulone hop compound as fine jewelry.

Beer Meets Candy

OK, the story on the Wondermade homepage tells about learning how to make candy as a gift. That’s one darned fine gift, made with love.  And beer.  But the good news is, that love story led to beer candy that you can order. An amazing beer-made marshmallow-style confection.  So figure out how to make a fine box of beer candies, or just look to somebody who’s been down that road before.

Laugh Along Gifts

Oh, there are some smartypants quick tee-shirt designers these days digging deep into beer humor.  If your favorite beer lover is versed in the ways of German beer purity, consider a Question Rheinheitsgebot sweatshirt or Hop Hop Flip Flops.  On another creative design site, somebody’s made up a hat to bring a smile to the woman who knows her hops (and her truck) so she can signal that Craft Beer is for Girls. Then go home and jump in a beer shower!

Bring It On Home

One more strategy seems wiser each year.  Think of your town’s craft brewery first.  You know, maybe the one meant for hard-riding outlaws. Come on down, or look through our online offerings. Your friends will love our merch whether they know us well, or live far away and have never seen our branding — bold as a hot mark on a steer’s leathery rump. From “Make My Day” bottle cooler koozies to outlaw baby onesies, Lonerider offers unique gifts that support your local craft brewery scene and show your pride. Outlaw beer is a state of mind.

We do know that sometimes just throwing a party is the best gift of all. Check out our site to order some fine craft beer — maybe a keg — for pickup. And have a look at all our latest gifts in person when you swing on by.