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Craft Beer: Or, Why Drink Local?


So you’re at the beer aisle on your grocery run, contemplating. The lights are on, so you know it’s not Sunday (you’ve been burned at the register with that before). You’re surveying the landscape, trying to decide among the dozens of shapes and colors before you. You see the big boxes of Natty Light and Bud over to the left, but on the right, you see colorful, welcoming bottles covered with dragons and pilgrims and winking big-horned devils. Some are familiar, like Sam Adams. Others, not so much, like Lonerider Shotgun Betty. You pick up the bottle, read the label. Now you’re faced with the dilemma more and more people are experiencing: Should I buy big beer or craft beer?

First, a few obvious points:

  • Betty’s pretty hot, and she’s looking right at you. Right off the bat, this beer is seductive.
  • It also costs a couple bucks more than the swill, but that’s probably okay, because, well, taste will win out, for sure. And you can keep the bottle on your nightstand.
  • It’s brewed in nearby Raleigh, NC. Great, you think, they make it right near here. In fact, Betty might even be stalk-able, I mean, date-able.

Now that you’re wading into the craft beer waters, there are a few things you should know. Local breweries are passionate about the craft, not the margins. We use only the best ingredients, and we care deeply about your experience once that bottle touches your lips. Our doors are always open, so you should contact us to tour our brewery and meet us in person. Big beer is a science, maximizing profits while minimizing costs, pumping ad dollars into the airwaves to recruit feeble minds into a shallow buzz. What we do is an art, and every golden drop of ale that leaves our facilities is a message to all those art-lovers out there.

Once you get a taste of Betty, with her rich, banana-clove nose and refreshing dry finish, (or our other flavors), you’ll know exactly why you’re hooked on local brews. Our guess is, you’ll never reach for that other swill again.