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North Carolina Craft Beer For the Chilly Outlaw Winter


As the winter chill sits in, North Carolinians are gearing up with the best brews around the state to keep the hearth warm. Here are five of some of North Carolina’s finest craft beer, straight from the Hideout.

Pistols at Dawn (Stout)This dark, velvety stout will keep you warm company as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, preparing you well for the upcoming morning duel. Made with locally sourced coffee and chocolate and brewed with oats, malts and lactose, you’ll feel and taste the NC difference.

Shotgun Betty (Hefeweizen): This local hefeweizen aims straight for the heart with its banana and clove aroma, taking even the toughest cowboys back to memories of granny’s holiday banana bread. Its golden pour is also reminiscent to the local trees’ yellow leaves turning color, and its taste will leave you yearning for more.

Tombstone (Rye Stout): Death is inevitable, and winter brings that all into focus. But as outlaws no stranger to death or danger, we like to approach the season in style with the dark Tombstone Stout, made with rye and chocolate malts that bring a seriously strong flavor to brave the winter.

Cowboy in Black Black (Black IPA): The dark trend doesn’t end here. This beer stands out as a stoic treat with strong bitter hops and roasted malts for a bold, beer profile. The smokey flavors make it a perfect beer for the lonely cowboy by his campsite, the night and this beer as the only company.

Red Spur (Red Ale): This amber beauty is what you take home to a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. With the balance of heavy hops and caramel malts to some light citrus flavors, this beer has that waning fall taste attached to it.

These five local brews will be sure to bring out the character of North Carolina.