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What Makes a Good Hefeweizen Beer?


Good beer is kind of like a fine wine (but we’re a little biased) — There are subtle and not so subtle differences in each brand, style, and flavor. Non beer drinkers make the mistake of thinking all beer tastes the same. They don’t appreciate the limitless possibilities that true craftsmanship can provide in the brewing process to achieve superlative results.

The “It all tastes the same thing” may have been true a few decades ago when only the massive breweries were available to the consumer. But now craft beer has presented the beer aficionado with a wonderful variety to please their palettes on a never ending basis.

One such palette pleasing beer variety is the hefeweizen. The prefix “hefe” is German for “with yeast”, which is indicative of the unfiltered flavor and somewhat cloudy color. If you’re look for a world-class hefeweizen to try for a new beer drinking experience, then try “Shotgun Betty” from the Outlaw Brewers at Lonerider Brewing Company. It’s distinctive banana and clove-like subtleties are complimented with just a bit of citrusy sweetness that make it highly drinkable and downright refreshing on a hot summer day. A perfect choice to take with you on your next summer barbecue, Shotgun Betty is sure to be enjoyed by any beer aficionado looking for something a little different, but still very satisfying.

Shotgun Betty has quite the impressive set of conquests to its reputation including the following honors and distinguishing awards:

  • Silver, Carolina Championship of Beer
  • Gold, NC Brewers Cup
  • Silver, Beverage Tasting Institute
  • Bronze, US Open Beer Championship

We proudly produce a thoroughbred stable full of outstanding and award winning craft beers. Please contact us today for more information.