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Shotgun Betty – The Perfect Summertime Beer


Beer drinking enthusiasts everywhere know that summer time is the perfect time for a crisp, clean, and never bitter tasting hefeweizen. For those of you who may not be so familiar with this particular style of beer, a hefeweizen is an unfiltered brew with a fruity start and a dry finish. It pours pleasantly as a cloudy, but pale glass with an impressively frothy head. The resulting taste is a clean and crisp flavor synonymous with summer.

North Carolina Craft Beer is proudly represented in the hefeweizen category of beer with an outlaw brew known as Shotgun Betty. This renegade vixen in a can  is the recipient of numerous local and national awards including the Bronze medal at the esteemed US Open Beer Championship and the Gold Medal winner at the prestigious NC Brewers Cup.

Shotgun Betty has that hint of banana clove that tantalizes the tongue, which is typical of a well crafted hefeweizen. It also carries the dry finish that leaves little to no aftertaste, which is why the recipients of Betty’s allure are never bitter when she leaves, and they always come back for more.

Bring this easy-drinking cowgirl to all your favorite summertime gatherings. She’s a perfect companion to barbecues, softball games, golf outings, family get togethers and more. She also goes great with all the fresh foods that are symbolic with summer.

Lonerider is a brewing company located in Raleigh, NC. Beer is our passion and we’ve got the portfolio of award winners to prove it. Shotgun Betty is our signature beer for the summer, but we’ve got different brews for all different seasons, and one of them is sure to be just what you’re looking for. If you’re an enthusiast of great handcrafted beer, you should contact us for more information regarding our selections. You could also book a tour, or come for a tasting at our brewery if you’re in the area.