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We’re rolling out new cans and speciality beers!


A few months back, our production team got a new toy. We now have an in-house labeler that can handle both 12oz cans and 16oz cans! Why is that exciting?

Can production typically comes with a longer turn around time, but now, we can release special releases faster AND package some beers that would have been destined for draft only. You’re going to start to see more and more variety from us in the coming months that will be destined not just for our taprooms, but also at retail so you can find your favorite Lonerider specialty beer the next time you’re at the store.

Right now, we’ve got Badlands, True Lime, Sundance, and The Preacher all out in 16oz format. We have Viggo coming up soon and a few other releases as well. We also have our Hoppy Select Series available in 16oz format at the taprooms.

Excited to see these new cans where you’re at? Drop us an email and let us know where your favorite place to find Lonerider products so we can make sure to get these to you!