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Welcome back 6:45 to Raleigh, this year with a revived Malt!
6:45 to Raleigh is our Single Malt and Single Hop annual Pale Ale. Every year, we choose a unique malt and hop to showcase their robust flavors.
This year, we chose Crisp Chevallier malt, an heirloom variety that was once one of the most popular malts in Europe from the 1820’s until WWI when it stopped being produced. A barley variety from the Victorian era has been brought back to life, and the result is that sufficient grain has now been grown to produce a genuine taste from the past.
From the early 1800’s up until the Second World War, Chevallier was the most prominent barley used for brewing – revered for the taste and quality of the beers it produced. Usurped by later varieties, Chevallier had all but died out. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Crisp Malting and New Heritage Barley Ltd, Chevallier makes its return.
The hop we chose is Idaho 7, a relatively new hop strand that has a bright and smooth flavor.
We can’t wait for you to try it for yourself! Grab a pack or two or try it on tap at The Outlaw‘s Hideout, and look for it on store shelves mid December!