Visiting a regional brewery, such as Lonerider, is a great summer activity to do independently or with a group of friends and family. There are so many reasons to visit a local brewery, but here’s our top three:

1. It’s a great learning experience. Whether you are new to beers and want to understand how they’re made, or are already a beer aficionado interested in learning how craft breweries differ from each other, you’ll find something new and interesting to learn on tour at a regional brewery. No brewery is identical, so with each tour you can find something new or interesting about the entire brew process. We provide public tours from 2pm-5pm on select Saturdays (see our calendar), with the option to host private tours for a group who contacts us in advance.

2. It’s affordable. Regional brewery tours are a great, affordable vacation activity, since many tours cost little or no money depending on the brewery. Some breweries even give a souvenir (like a tasting glass or beer bottle cozy) at the end of the tour (usually included in the tour price). Our tours are free to everyone, with the option to buy a $1 pint during the tour.

3. Nice, cold beer. Really, summer is all about getting your hands on a delicious, chilled beer whenever possible. And with the hot summers in Raleigh, a beer can do wonders to comfort at any hour of the day. A brewery is the perfect place to get a hold of quality beer within a comfy environment. You’ll be able to try different brews and see what’s on tap for the season. At Lonerider, throughout your brewery visit and at the end, you’ll be sure to have a refreshing beer on-hand, straight from the brewery.

To schedule or plan your summer tour at Lonerider, just drop-in or contact us.