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The Quenching Peregrination of Magnificent 77 (Hops Abound)


Because, Magnificent 77 was made with such deliberate care we have always afforded the same deliberation to its description. The peaks and valleys of flavor, coupled with ever changing aroma due to the cornucopia of hops create a fantastic beer.

One such adventurer described Magnificent 77 so well, that we had to post it. Thank you to Matthew Hezel by way of our skillful brewer Joseph Wheeler for writing such a great description.

  1. First sip. Cold. Very nice and clean. Bright hops.
  2. Warming a bit. Pine and lemon coming through.
  3. Mouthfeel just got heavier. Lemon remains and juniper starting to peek in.
  4. Now its pine and grapefruit, which is a nice combo.
  5. Halfway done, starting to warm up.
  6. Getting warmer and some vanilla and pear is there, which is interesting because I find those to be more “cold beer” flavors.
  7. Malt is peeking through, lots of vanilla now.
  8. I enjoy how this is not getting overpoweringly hoppy as the beer warms.
  9. I really liked it. Almost drinks like a double IPA. I appreciate that it wasn’t just a hop bomb of flavor.

Prost Matthew !