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Sweet Josie Brown Ale: A Beer for Outlaws


As the whip cracks in the morning, driving the beasts of the plains into a frenzy, and each starving rider dreams of the night when they can sit by the fire, in the bar, at a friends, and have a few ales for outlaws, they think of Josie Brown and her sweet face.

Josie isn’t like any other girl. She’s smooth on the tongue but brings with her sweetness and balance, like walking on a tight rope and eating a chocolate bar, and the outlaws love her. “Josie,” they say to one another, “The beauty who stole my heart.”

Josie knows this all too well. She’s been around the back-law towns, marauding her flavor to all of the outlaws, giving up only a sip to those who aren’t worthy, but giving herself one and all to captains and storied robbers of the soul. But always stealing away when things appear to comfortable.

Of medium height, mirroring an old west dusk, and exuding a sallow sweetness to her demeanor, Josie tempts all the outlaws when she arrives by train from wherever far off place she claims to have been from.

Sweet Josie is a favorite among the outlaws of the plains, even though she doesn’t always come around, and she certainly doesn’t always give them the time of day. Her mere presence is enough to drive every cowboy, bandit, desperado, and gunslinger this side of Raleigh to beg for just one taste. But reserve is a quality exhibited by true ladies.

What do you think? Are you ready to give Sweet Josie Brown some of your time? Prepared for the journey she’ll take you on?

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