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Londerider partners with Southeast Raleigh Promise for Black Is Beautiful launch on August 28th!

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At Lonerider, we follow the OUTLAW philosophy that we have constantly worked on and adapted over the last 11 years. Affect Change is one of these, and it doesn’t just apply to our products. We believe that in order for the individuals and the team to be successful, one of the components is your ability to affect positive change in the community you’re part of. Over the last few months, we believe this has never been more important. When Weathered Souls Brewing launched their Black Is Beautiful campaign, we jumped on board to find a way to help our community through these challenging times. We’re thankful for their guidance on the program and for allowing local breweries to support local organizations in their own communities. Today we’re excited to announce that we will be supporting Southeast Raleigh Promise when we launch our product on Friday, August 28th!

While SERP specifically works in the Rock Quarry Road Corridor (RQRC), our work impacts all of Southeast Raleigh, the city of Raleigh overall, and Wake County.  Strengthening one of our most vulnerable neighborhoods strengthens our entire region. Southeast Raleigh has historically been an African-American community.  It is still predominantly African-American and has a growing population of Hispanic and Latinx residents along with white residents and many other races and ethnicities.

To learn more about this initiative, please watch the short video message below from Sumit.