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North Carolina Craft Beer Riding Tall In The Saddle This April


How many days do you think craft beer should shine in the North Carolina sun, ready for tasting and savoring?

Would you guess a weekend? Would you fire off a wild guess of two weeks? We reckon that’s how long greenhorns might run a one-horse beer festival. Well, that aint how North Carolina does it.

Come this April, more than 90 North Carolina craft beer brewers will be participating in the third annual North Carolina Beer Month. N.C. breweries ranging from award-winning powerhouses to up-and-coming new beer crafters will be participating in an entire month’s celebration of those wonderful suds we all love.

We won’t list every participating brewer, but here are just a few: Andrews Brewing, Boondocks, Good Hops, Hi-Wire, Red Oak, Regulator, Small Batch, White Street, and of course, good ol’ Lonerider.

Beer Month will bring beer-centered festivals, dinners, tastings and brews created specially for the occasion. Last year brought collaborative dinners with specially selected beer-pairings, and this year we are looking forward to even more collaborations from brewers all across the state.

Beer month will be a great opportunity for brewers from the mountains to the coastlines to showcase what they do best and for you to get a sense (and a wonderful taste) of the true state of the N.C. craft beer brewing industry in 2015.

So if you love local beer, or you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to find out just what the ruckus about craft beer is all about, simply contact us, and we’ll be happy to fill you in on how you can participate in the all the fun – and the drinkin’.