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Joseph Wheeler steps in to the Head Brewer role!

Joseph Beer

We’re excited to announce that Joseph Wheeler has stepped into the role of Head Brewer. Galen Smith, our head brewer for many years, is moving on to a new adventure in the beer industry and we can’t be more excited for him. Galen helped pave the way for our beer program and was also one of the best practical jokesters at the brewery. Thank you, Galen.

Joseph is going to be moving back to the brewing floor from his position as Head of Logistics to take over the reins. He’s been a part of the brewing team in the past so it’s a familiar place for him. Here’s a little message from Joseph!

“Ever since I started homebrewing in 2009 I have wanted to be a part of shaping a craft brewery into something that everyone can enjoy. Through my climb up the ladder I have done every job imaginable, many of which I didn’t know existed prior to getting into the field. Now that I am moving into this exciting new role, I realize that it isn’t the job I used to imagine it was, but instead a much more complex balancing act. This only makes me more excited to tackle a new challenge, in the same way, I have at all my different job titles at Lonerider. 2021 is going to be a great year for Lonerider beer!-”

Oh yeah, did we mention we’re hiring right now to fill Joseph’s previous role? More details are here!