Are you over 21?

One of my favorite things to witness is when I’m at the grocery store and someone walks in and buys a 6-pack of Lonerider. I don’t have children yet, but I can only imagine this is what being a proud dad would feel like. The experience that random customer is going to experience by cracking open one of our brews fills me with happiness. Craft beer is a community experience; it’s meant to be shared. I often find myself wondering where that 6-pack is going, and who is about to share a beer together. Are two young entrepreneurs going to drink a few Hoppy Ki Yay’s and finalize their business plan? Are a couple college buddies getting together for a golf weekend in Charleston and they wanted to make sure they brought their favorite Raleigh brewery’s Pilsner? Is the girl I see walking out w/ Shotgun Betty just restocking the fridge w/ her favorite hefeweizen?

I always want the experience of enjoying a Lonerider beer to stimulate conversation, and be the best social glue known to mankind. I pose the question to you as the same as I do to every new hire, “What does being an Outlaw mean to you?”. I challenge you to find that definition for yourself, and my hope is that each successive gulp of our liquid gold gives a voice to your inner Outlaw.


– Z