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3 Ways to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Craft Beer

With St. Patrick’s Day arriving, many Americans will be partaking in the green festivities all around the United States, celebrating the history of Irish Americans in the country. While many will be looking for their pints of Guinness, why not break out of the mold and celebrate with local, hearty ales and lagers? We have a few suggestions for pairing your St. Patty’s Day celebrations and meals with tasty craft beers.

1. Visit a local brewery. Your local brewery will likely be in the swing of things, providing specials and entertainment in line with the holiday. While you might not be picking up a Guinness, you’ll find great locally brewed stouts and special brews just for the occasion.

2. Quench your thirst after a race. Many cities around the United States also host various races, such as the famous 10k race in Holyoke, Massachusetts. What better way to celebrate an athletic accomplishment with a pint or two, especially since beer has been proven to help with rehydration post-race. Recommended pours after a run are ones with an ABV around 4 and 5%, such as our True Britt or Peacemaker Pale Ale. If your city does not host a race, treat yourself to a craft beer anyway, especially after a long morning attending a parade, especially Raleigh’s own Parade and Festival.

3. Bring it home for dinner. If you’re planning on staying in for the day, bring a case or growler of some local brews. You can find craft beers pairing well with traditional Irish meals, like our Sweet Josie Brown Ale with corned beef and hash. She also goes well with traditional soda bread (especially if it has raisins), since her sweet roasted malts and tones of chocolate brings out the flavors of the bread. You can even add a few drops of green dye to your beer to get in the spirit.

For more ways to incorporate your favorite craft beers in your celebrations, contact us.