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Shotgun Betty Rides the Banks: Seafood, Sand and Hefeweizen


You head east out of the mountains, down through the foothills, and across the wide plains. You hit Pamlico Sound and get your first sight of the coast. You cross the long bridge, head south down Highway 12 past the lighthouse, past Pea Island and Whalebone Junction and Chicamacomico until the land runs out at Hatteras. This is the end of the road, The Graveyard of the Atlantic. The wind is cold and hard and tastes like salt and you drink in every clean drop of it. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is the kind of place outlaws go to make their last stand.

You’re on the beach as the sun goes down, with sand in your shorts and a sunburn on your shoulders. The bonfire is keeping your feet warm, and the clams you picked earlier are bubbling in the pot. You hear a snicker and feel a tug on your ponytail. Is that one of the wild Spanish mustangs chewing on your hair? Maybe, but then a whisper on the wind reminds you that Shotgun Betty rides the Banks, and you know that hefeweizen is the perfect beer for this moment, on this day, in this wild place. Cold and clean and sweet as the wind in your sunburned face, this is the beer you’re drinking when you realize you don’t need to run anymore.

Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen is a German wheat beer that doesn’t add to the bitterness of life, but slides cold and mild down a salt-parched throat. It’s the perfect North Carolina craft beer for cool sunny days on the Outer Banks.


For more information about our North Carolina regional craft brewery, or Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen, please contact us.