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Plan an Adult Field Trip to your Regional Brewery this Fall


Admit it, game night has gotten boring. Lately there have been more no-shows than show offs and if you catch one more of your fiends texting a desperate plea for an “emergency call” so they can leave early you may just beat them with the board game. Something’s gotta give before monotony kills any chance of a good time.

So, what about a field trip. Before you roll your eyes and say something about graduation and the glories of after school life, consider one word: Beer. Beer has a long and glorious history. Beer is the product of science at work for the betterment of mankind. The study of beer making can probably even give you a better grasp of marketing strategies and the laws of supply and demand. On a good night, and with the proper crowd, a brewery tour may just inspire a decent poem or two. A trip to your regional brewery could be just the thing to really liven up this fall season now that even fantasy football has lost its glow.

Lonerider Beer can not only take you and your friends through our fine and fruitful facility, but we can let you take the tour with a pint in hand. With parties of six and more we can offer a more personal experience with a private tour. Contact us to schedule a day or higher education the outlaw way. When the tour is over, our bartender will be happy to give you a more personal introduction to the fine selection of beers you saw brewing in our vats because what is a field trip without a little hands on learning experience. You have to admit, that beats another night of karaoke charades hands down.

While your making plans, check out our events page for more ways to get out of the humdrum habit of predictable get-togethers. Our award winning beers and friendly staff are guaranteed to add a crisp new attitude to your fall festivities.