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Pistols At Dawn

Pistols at Dawn


High noon will have to take a backseat as the fresh morning air is perfect for a duel. Our brunch stout…a rich, dark, velvety beer brewed with roasted malts, oats, lactose, exceptional cocoa nibs, and locally produced coffee from Counter Culture Coffee. 

Tasting Notes:


Pistols at Dawn pours dark and thick ending with a tan, medium density head. It is completely opaque and clings to the glass as you drink.


Coffee and dark kilned malts are in the forefront of the aroma. Cocoa also comes through in the nose as well


Chocolate comes through stronger in the flavor than it does in the nose. The dark kilned malts also bring out chocolate and roast flavors. Sweetness from the lactose is noticeable, but not overwhelming. This is a very rich and filling beer that is low in hop bitterness and high in malt character

Brewer’s Notes:  

It is best served in a chalice or snifter. Pairs well with many types of deserts, especially ones with strong vanilla flavors. Please let this beer warm up slightly before taking your first sip.

Recipe Description:

This is a very interesting breakfast stout. We’ve used rolled oats in the mash, Lactose in the boil,  post fermentation cocoa nib additions, and a hefty amount of dark roast cold brewed coffee into the brite tank.