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IPA Revolver Chamber #4

Style: India Pale Ale


We’ve rounded up some great malts and hops for, our year round IPA This straw colored ale is hopped with and rounded out by a mild body from the malts.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: This IPA is light gold in color and slightly opaque. A medium head produces rings that last on the glass with each sip.

Nose: Slight malt sweetness is subtle…takes a backseat to the hops. Bright and citrusy flavors and aromas coming from the generous amount of Amarillo and Centennial

Flavor: Hops from start to finish, in the best way possible. Grapefruit flavor at the beginning and middle of the pallet, with a decent bitterness on the finish each taste. Medium body balances the hops well, but this is definitely a hop forward beer. 

Brewer’s Notes:  This IPA is perfect for everyday drinking.  We created this beer to please hopheads of all types; it is also balanced with Vienna and crystal malts to round out the mouthfeel and add a balancing sweetness. Perfect for the changing seasons throughout the year. The brewers like to drink this from a tulip shaped glass, to fully allow the hops to come through. It’s very important to pay attention to freshness with this beer. Hop aroma and flavor are volatile compounds that will fade with time, and this beer is at its best during the first 6 weeks in the package. While still a good and enjoyable beer after this point, you will begin to see a change in the flavor profile. The freshness factor is also significantly affected by storage conditions, the warmer it’s stored the faster it gets old.

Recipe Description: We brewed this with American pale malt as well as German Vienna and crystal malts. We use a specially processed wheat to give it some extra body. The boil hops are Amarillo and Centennial. We also dry hopped this with the same hops to add extra aroma.

Background: The brewers wanted to give the public a year round IPA that the brewers themselves would love to drink. Hoppy Ki Yay fits that bill perfectly. Medium body balances the high hop flavors. Nothing is overwhelming, everything comes together in harmony.