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Blonde Ale brewed with salt and lime puree


Tasting Notes:

Appearance:  This beer pours straw in color with good clarity. The head is light to medium in density and retains it’s structure. 

Nose: Citrus and subtle grainy malt is picked up in the aroma. Hop aroma is low as it’s intended to be

Flavor: The flavor is assertively bright. The lime puree shines and imparts a light tartness. Mostly though, the flavor of the lime overshadows the tartness. The salt is subtle and is picked up at the end of the sip, but is noticed more as you take more sips. 

Brewer’s Notes:  This beer is intended to be light and refreshing. We suggest serving this beer on the colder side, preferably from a cooler by the pool. This is liquid summer!

Recipe Description: Pale malt, vienna malt and aromatic malt makes up the grist of this beer. Hop additions are small and reserved. We use sea salt and locally sourced lime puree in the fermentation. 


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