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As honest as a midsummer evening, Eve represents our session Amber Ale, a refreshing beer that balances sweet Pilsner and Crystal malts with citrusy and earthy hops.

Tasting Notes:


Light amber color with a white foam. Completely clear with a nice rising bead.


Mild malts and light caramel sugar. Spicy hops with a slight hint of cedar bark.


Well balanced malts and hops. Very drinkable “beery” quality that is quenching and finishes clean.

Brewer’s Notes: 

Low gravity beers are difficult to do well and remain stable. The key was to find balance and high drinkability which we feel we have nailed. This is the beer to drink while brewing.

Recipe Description:

We found a good balance here using pilsener malt as the base, a simple and aromatic crystal addition, torrified wheat for stability and a hint of chocolate malt for the rich color and aroma. Willamette and Cascade hops balance the malt.


Eve is a well balanced highly drinkable Amber beer. A lower ABV of 4.2% makes it the perfect all day drinker. Eve is a very refreshing balance of mild aromatic malts and spicy hops that finishes well balanced and dry.


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