Are you over 21?
The day begins with a promise. A promise we make to ourselves about striving to be the better version of ourselves. A promise we make to think different, be different and live the #OutlawLife.
Being an Outlaw is a state of being. It’s unapologetic, decisive and an instrument of change. It’s also self deprecating with a twinkle in the eye sort of humor. It’s the handshake with somebody who is in the know and it’s us against the world fist bump.  Whether we choose to shake up social norms or we do a simple act of kindness for somebody when they need it the most.
We end the day with the same promise. We are here to stay; we will not apologize for what we do. You may see us or choose to ignore us, but be certain that we WILL affect change.
We are the Everyday Outlaws.