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Cowboys From Helles (Helles style Lager)

Commercial Description: 

This classic Bavarian Lager is meant to drink all day, every day. With little to no perceptible hop flavor or aroma, Cowboys From Helles is a celebration of malted barley with just a touch of hops to balance it out. Just the right amount of flavor and a smooth finish will leave you wanting more.

Tasting Notes:


Pours clear, and straw in color. The head is white and lacy with medium head retention. 


Malted barley dominates the nose of this beer, giving off a bready aroma. Hints of grassiness or tart lemon may be perceptible as well.


Bready malted barley on the front with a clean, tart finish. The back end is refreshing and thirst quenching.

Brewer’s Notes:  

This beer should be served at 38-42 degrees. With a simple fresh beer like this, it is even more important that the draftlines are clean and the glasswear is beer clean. We suggest serving this in a Pilsner glass or by the Liter.

Recipe Description:    A celebration of our 2 row malted barley that is carefully balanced by low hop bitterness and flavor. It is intended to be a beer that can be appreciated by connoisseurs, domestic drinkers, and everyone in-between.  

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